The Hope Journey

Hope Journey is a partnership between local Churchs and Primary Schools creating an interactive experience to teach the beliefs and traditions of the Christian church by engaging the children in learning activities.

The learning experience is in a church setting, supported by volunteers, school staff and parents which includes hands-on workshops with stories, craft, role-play and music

Meet the Characters of the Nativity
Year 2 children – Beginning of Advent
‘A HOPE Journey where children come into church to explore the Christmas Story through a variety of ways including ‘meeting’ the characters. Volunteers take on the different roles and through conversation and questioning, transport the children to the heart of the story. A tableau, singing traditional carols forms the culmination of the journey.

Cross Factor
Year 5 children – During Lent
‘A HOPE Journey where children come into a church environment to engage with different elements and topics from the Easter story. They think about crosses from around the world, the significance of the Last Supper, engage with Palm Sunday and hear the story of someone who was there. Whilst children engage with a Christian believer’s view of the first Easter, the purpose is to deepen understanding, not convert. All are welcome regardless of faith or belief.

Year 6 children – Week before Remembrance Sunday
‘A HOPE Journey based around remembering past and current conflicts , life in WW2, untold stories, Anne Frank and many other areas. There will be further opportunities to reflect upon people that we no longer see. A difficult topic addressed in a relevant, sensitive and interactive way.’

Sharing Parables
Foundation/Reception children – Anytime (taking place in schools)
‘A HOPE Journey to explore the parable of the ‘Prodigal Son’ or ‘The Good Samaritan’. Both explore emotion, relationship and forgiveness’

Year 3 children – Anytime
A HOPE Journey exploring signs, symbols, religious books & artefacts. Exploring these areas in Islam, Judaism and Christianity with the emphasis placed upon our area of expertise, Christianity.

Year 4 children – Anytime
A HOPE Journey where children are given the opportunity to create imaginative works of art using a variety of materials and methods to portray stories from the Bible and explore images of God.

Boxes of Joy
Year 4/5 children - Early September/November
HOPE Journey ‘Boxes of joy’ is based on the work of operation Christmas Child’s Shoe box appeal. A way of sharing the Christian work of this charity with the local community giving a practical way of sharing Christian values. This workshop also links with areas in school life such as every child matters and world ethics.

Healthy Living
Year 3/4 children – Anytime
A HOPE Journey where children are given the opportunity in a church environment to explore the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Using a variety of different methods including a labyrinth, food tasting and being food explorers pupils will learn about a balanced diet, good sanitation and the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’.

Journey to the Old Testament
Year 3 children – Summer Term
‘A HOPE Journey where children are transported back to Old Testament times, pupils will encounter a variety of different Old Testament characters an engage with them in a variety of different ways.

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