Port Reach

A Christian charity in Ellesmere Port aiming to demonstrate the values of care and concern for others. —

Challenging social exclusion in Ellesmere port through youth work and community development. —

Working closely with groups and organisations already established in Ellesmere Port to better serve the community. —

Promoting work with the whole person: addressing emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well being by:

  • Providing community development work for the ‘Footsteps to the Future Project’.
  • Supporting an ecumenical youth discipleship programme —
  • Obtaining funding to run the ‘Life worth living’ personal development programme for marginalised young people —
  • Developing youth mentoring in conjunction with Street Pastors to offer mentoring to The Lock project and possibly West Cheshire Community College —
  • Working with the children and families worker at Whitby Methodist to offer the ‘Hope Journey’ schools project to all primary schools in the town.—
  • Exploring the possibility of co-ordinating a town wide Church volunteering service

For further information please contact: Stef Boyle
E-mail: portreach@worthunlimited.co.uk