Project Engage is Christians, young people and the local community working alongside each other to make a difference.

This is our second year of running ‘Project Engage’ so it must be a tradition now.

In 2 days we made a difference.


You know you are on the right tracks when a plan comes together with the minimum of panic and all that is beyond your control is the weather.

  • We made a difference to the environment, with a new community garden and pieces of art work.
  • We made a difference to relationships, the area where we worked saw a group of students and adults all focused on co-operating and achieving the best they could muster.
  • We made a difference to the church community who came out of their buildings and became a working witness of their faith.

The work we did made a lasting impression. The students from two faith schools, UCEAcademy and Ellesmere Port Catholic High, want another project next year, despite the soaking they received from the heavy rain.

We are already thinking can we expand Project Engage to happen twice in a year to meet the demands the students have made!

Engage 2012

Engage 2013

For further information please contact: Rose Uitterdijk
E-mail: roseuitterdijk@gmail.com